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Here you'll find all the information you must have to integrate with Bank and our API endpoints. We've tried to build this documentation as user-friendly as possible, creating a simple and gentle experience for you.

Overview Bank is a Brazilian digital bank and cryptocurrency exchange based on blockchain technology. We build financial services for customers and their businesses using proprietary technology.

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What is Pix?

Pix is a new instant payment system that was launched in Brazil, November 2020. This system allows individuals and businesses to make instant money transfers through a mobile app or online banking platform. The main advantage of Pix is that it is available 24/7, including holidays, and the transactions are processed instantly.

One of the benefits of Pix is that it is a cheaper and faster alternative to traditional payment methods, such as bank transfers, and credit cards. There are no fees for individuals and small businesses to use Pix. Large businesses may incur fees depending on the volume of transactions.

On our Pix as a Service API, you can send and receive money by a Pix Key, dynamic QR code or bank account.

The Pix payment system, through Pix keys, works by allowing users to link a unique identification process, such as a phone number, email address, document number or random key, to their bank account. When making a payment, the user simply provides a Pix key instead of bank account information. Pix dynamic QR code works by allowing the payer to scan or copy the QR code created by the merchant or service provider. The QR code contains information such as the payment amount and the recipient’s account details. The use of dynamic QR codes allows for greater security and flexibility in payments, as the code is generated for each individual transaction, reducing the risk of fraudulent activity. In order to receive a Pix Payment, if you didn’t register a pix key, you can use your bank account information on Pix. You can use the data that is usually provided by a traditional bank, the money will then be credited to the recipient’s account instantly as a Pix Payment.

You can find more information on Pix on Central Bank FAQ section on its website


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